Empowering Women in Tech

The tech world can be a tough environment for women to thrive in. Many feel that their ideas fall on deaf ears, or their voice is drowned out by the male dominated culture. Girl With Answers: Empowering Women in Tech is vital for women to find allies and support systems. To do so, they must actively seek out communities and collectives that focus on supporting females in tech.

How can we empower women in technology?

Some of these resources include the collectives and community networks listed below. These collectives provide safe(r) spaces for members to cultivate community, as well as educational resources and newsletters that are geared towards helping women in tech grow their careers.

While some of these collectives are free to join, most require a paid membership for access to member-only online events, job postings, and other resources to support women in tech. Some also offer scholarships and sponsorship opportunities to allow more people to join.

It is also important to build a strong support system, which can be comprised of both men and women who are committed to gender equity in the workplace. This support system can help women in the industry navigate a variety of challenges that can arise, such as imposter syndrome, which is a common feeling among women who work in technology.

Lastly, it is important to advocate for women in the workplace, whether that is by speaking up when bias or discrimination occurs, or simply making space in meetings and processes for their voices and insights. It is through these actions that we will make real change in the tech landscape and bring more women in to leadership positions.

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