Fire Dept Flags

Fire Dept Flags are special flags that are used to honor and recognize firefighters, as well as civilians engaged in other types of public service or volunteer work. These kinds of flags are usually displayed at fire stations, firefighter memorials, and other public events, or at the homes of firefighters and their supporters. We offer custom firefighter flags in a wide variety of sizes, but the most popular size for these kind of flags is 3×5 feet. These flags can be constructed in the manner that is best suited to your needs and budget, but the most common way is to have them digitally printed on a high-quality, durable nylon material.

Bravery in Service: Exploring Fire Department Flags

The FDNY flag, which resembles a standard American flag with a single red stripe, is widely used at public events and firehouses to commemorate firefighters killed in the line of duty. The red stripe on the FDNY flag is known as the thin red line, which symbolizes a sense of unity and camaraderie between police officers and firefighters who sacrifice their lives for each other.

Earlier this month, a man claiming to be a constituent of Manhattan Borough Councilwoman Carlina Rivera stopped by Ladder Co. 11 and asked to have the FDNY flag removed from a fire truck at the station, sources said. Hours later, FDNY Deputy Chief Joseph Schiralli visited the firehouse and reluctantly agreed to remove the flag, which violated a department rule that bans “altered versions” of the American flag.

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