How Mini Piling Contractors Can Help

Piling is a versatile foundation technique that can be used for building large structures, underpinning existing buildings or even stabilising slopes or landslides. A seasoned mini piling contractor can help with all of these projects and ensure the best results.

Piles are typically drilled or driven into the ground to create a stable base for construction of a structure or to strengthen an existing one. Mini piling contractors can use a variety of techniques to achieve the required result, including bottom-drive steel cased piles and open hole auger piles. These are a great choice for built-up locations as they cause minimal noise pollution and vibrations and can reach greater depths than larger machines.

The process of working with a piling contractor usually starts with a site survey to determine the soil conditions and detailed project requirements. This information is then passed onto engineers who finalise load calculations to outline the required capacity of the piles. A piling design is then produced and a drilling plan is generated. This is followed by the drilling of the boreholes to a precise depth.

Choosing Reliable Mini Piling Contractors: Factors to Evaluate

Once the piles are drilled they can be filled with concrete or grout to create a strong foundation. They can also be capped to provide a corrosion-resistant solution.

Piles are a practical choice for projects in both the public and private sectors. They can be used to build in restricted access areas (e.g. confined spaces such as basements), underpin existing structures or strengthen existing foundations, and are also a good option for unstable ground such as karstic substrates and limestone substrates. Choosing a specialist piling contractor with local knowledge can help to reduce project delays and costs by ensuring they are familiar with the local soil conditions and regulations.

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