Traffic Lawyers NYC Can Help Minimize the Costs of a Traffic Ticket

traffic lawyers nyc

Getting a traffic lawyer NYC can have significant and expensive financial consequences. Whether you have been cited for speeding, cell phone use, or other serious offenses, a skilled traffic lawyer nyc can help minimize the damage. While the cost of a traffic attorney will vary depending on their experience and ratings, a skilled lawyer can reduce or eliminate many of the associated costs.

The most obvious cost of a traffic ticket is the fine. This can run from as little as $45 to several hundred dollars for cell phone tickets and serious speeding violations. In addition to the court-imposed fine, you may also be charged a state surcharge and be assessed points on your driving record. These points can lead to increased insurance premiums and, in severe cases, even license suspension.

Your Legal Allies: New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer Insights

If you choose to fight your traffic ticket, you must respond within the period specified on your citation by requesting a hearing online or by mail. At this hearing, you will present your case and support evidence to contest the charges. A judge will then decide whether or not to drop the charges or otherwise dismiss the case.

Often, people who get traffic tickets assume they should just pay the fine and never think about it again (well until they receive an increase in their insurance rates or lose their license). A traffic ticket attorney can save you both the financial and non-financial costs of a traffic violation by fighting the allegations on your behalf while you remain at home or work.

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