Using a Fruit Dehydrator

A fruit dehydrator uses low heat and a constant blowing fan to remove moisture from foods, resulting in shelf-stable products with great flavor. The drying process also preserves vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are often lost during cooking or steaming.

Home dried fruits are popular snacks and can be added to cereals, granola bars and other healthy meals. Dried fruits also make excellent additions to holiday baking, such as pies and fruitcake.

Unlike juicing, dehydrating retains the whole fruit and its fibre, as well as all its vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The process of dehydrating also allows for a large variety of food to be preserved in a small space. This means that even if you have an abundance of produce from the garden or a bountiful grocery store haul, you can easily create delicious, healthy snacks and meals.

Optimize Food Preservation with a Dehydrator

When using a fruit dehydrator, it is important to prepare your produce thoroughly before starting the drying process. A few simple steps can ensure the best results.

Start by washing your produce in cool water to eliminate dirt and chemical residue. Next, trim or peel as needed and cut into equal pieces for even drying. Finally, pre-treat the produce in lemon juice to reduce the amount of oxidation.

Lemon juice contains citric acid and acts as an antioxidant. Use a ratio of 1:1 lemon juice to water and soak your fruits for 10 minutes. This is a vital step, as it prevents the natural oxidation that leads to browning and loss of flavour during the dehydration process.

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