Watercolor Pet Art

watercolor pet art

The perfect way to show your pet how much you love them – this unique piece of art is easy to do and makes a wonderful gift for others. You can add any color or design elements that you would like – leaf wreath, florals, watercolor splash, name banner, special collar charm etc – to truly capture your pet’s personality.

Watercolor pet watercolor pet art are a great way to memorialize a deceased pet or capture memories of a live one. Many of my clients have asked me to paint their dogs, cats or birds – and I have found that watercolors are a medium that is very well suited for this type of work.

Capturing the Soul of Your Pets: The Beauty of Watercolor Pet Art

When you begin a painting of an animal, it is important to get a good reference photo that is clear, well lit and has the subject facing forward. It is also helpful to get a few different photos if possible – as animals can look very different in various lighting and settings.

Once you have your image on a piece of tracing paper, trace over all of the lines with a pencil. This will allow the graphite to transfer onto your piece of watercolor paper and will serve as a guide when you are painting. You can then remove the tracing paper and re-trace over those light pencil lines to darken them.

Now you can begin painting! It is a good idea to use washes of light colors first and not get too detailed with the fur until later. Be sure to pay special attention to the eyes – they are often the most realistic part of the animal’s face.

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