What is a Bot Checker?

Bot checker is a solution that analyzes all traffic to a website, mobile application or API to detect and block bad bots while allowing access to legitimate visitors and authorized partner bots. Bad bots cost businesses money in multiple ways including false user conversions, account takeover and stealing data.

Bots are automated software programs designed to perform tasks on behalf of users. They can perform useful tasks such as search engine optimization (SEO) or content aggregation tools. However, they can also be used to take over accounts from social media to bank accounts. Bad bots are a major threat to online security and often operate on networks of computers, smartphones, or other digital devices.

Bots Begone: The Power of Effective Bot Checkers in Cybersecurity

Good bots are encoded to make them easy to detect, but bad bots have become more sophisticated and capable of skirting detection methods, costing companies money. Bad bots are often identified by sudden, unexplained increases in bounce rates, high traffic peaks from one location or an inability to fill out forms.

An effective bot checker must be able to detect and distinguish between humans, search engines, legitimate bots, and bad bots in real time. It should use a variety of techniques such as browser consistency, nonlinear mouse movements, rapid button and mouse clicks, repetitive patterns and more. In addition, it should be able to create unique device fingerprints and identify anomalies in the way that a user interacts with your website or API. It should also be able to identify and use a variety of anti-bot measures such as presenting challenges that are difficult for bots but simple for human visitors and utilizing adaptive enforcement challenges such as CAPTCHA and Arkose MatchKey, a challenge-response test that asks users to solve puzzles or identify objects to authenticate.

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